It is undeniable…our environment won’t survive without our help! The damage already done to our Earth seems so overwhelming that   it’s difficult to know where to start.  POLAR BEARS ARE LOSING THEIR HOMES, PENGUINS ARE DYING, THE EARTH CONTINUES TO WARM DAILY, AND THE OCEAN IS SO POLLUTED THAT THERE IS A FLOATING ISLAND OF TRASH THE SIZE OF TEXAS.

There are simple things we can do. Through recycling, renewing energy, conservation and reducing our waste WE can make a difference.


Malibu Chronicle:
The Malibu Music Awards Breathes Life into
City's Arts Scene

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Eco Hero Kids is the brain-child of singer/songwriter Julia Holland. Having taught music and worked with kids of all ages and backgrounds for years, Julia has demonstrated how dance and music can spread a message that really make a change in everyone’s life.   Now Julia and her band of Eco Hero Kids are here to spread the word.

The Eco Hero Kids, are kids under the age of 13, who are COMMITTED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE.    WE CAN SAVE THE PLANET.   We at Eco Hero Kids are here to show you THAT IT'S UP TO have the power to change the world.

We invite you to become an Eco Hero, too! 

Julia Holland, Founder of Eco Hero Kids



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